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Shopee Reveals How Influencer Communities Build Trust

Shopee, Malaysia’s leading e-commerce platform, studied the impact of Malaysian influencers on informing Malaysians’ purchase decisions online. Shopee’s marketplace study* examined the motivational structures of 2,459 buyers , consisting of Gen-Z (40%), Millennials (36%), Generation X (17%) and Baby Boomers (7%), in following influencers. Five in ten of Malaysians relate most to micro-nano influencers with follower count under 500,000 . The surveyed buyers find these influencers relatable because they occupy a niche in posting word-of-mouth recommendations to well-acquainted circles of interest. The degree to which Malaysians follow influencers in other tiers are spread: 25% like Mega influencers (over 1 million) and 22% prefer macro influencers (with 500,000 to less than a million followers). With the rise of influencers in Malaysia, 3 in 10 buyers want influencers to bond with them on a personal level so they can continue to stand out from their peers. A third (30%) concede that the

Winning Malaysian Loyalty on E-Commerce

Shopee reveals what drives Malaysian consumer loyalty to their favourite brands online in its October 2022 study ‘Winning Malaysian Loyalty on E-Commerce’*. For official brands with storefronts on Shopee Mall, repeat purchases are driven by value-added services and guarantees. 87% of Malaysians surveyed prefer Shopee Mall official brands due to 100% guaranteed authentic products, hassle-free returns, and free shipping. The remaining 13% feel rewarded by exclusive product launches and Shopee Brand Memberships.  For all other sellers across the platform , 5 in 10 shoppers repeatedly return to their favourite stores for more than 4 years due to in-app personalization and engaging recommendations . These respondents equated personalised engagements with: 25% loved product recommendations and bundles that fit their needs, 14% trusted in safe and secure packaging, 8% timely chat responses, and 4% personal gift surprises. On the other hand, 49% preferred being rewarded with vouchers and disc