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Shopee Seller Summit Ushers in New Era of Value-Based Marketing

1,200 Malaysian sellers on Shopee’s platform unanimously resolved to stay relevant with shifting values of younger audiences online by embracing Value-Based Marketing at Shopee’s Seller Summit at Sunway Resort on 21 June 2023. The sixth instalment of Malaysia's most popular annual e-commerce conventions provided a safe space for sellers to incorporate latest online consumer trends and newly launched marketplace features in contributing to the development of local communities across various industries nationwide.  Up-ending the notion that purpose-driven business is solely the purview of large MNC corporations, ten value-based sellers set up pop-up booths to demonstrate how they drive unique values through user experience, authentic storytelling, and seamless engagement . Shopee Xpert and Shopee Bintang sellers played interactive games such as Marketplace Inclusion Treats-In-the-Jar, Building Connected Communities Jenga, and Redefining E-Commerce Pictionary, to break the ice and cr