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Malaysian Female Sellers Uplift Other Women on Shopee

Shopee’s 2023 ShopeeSapotLokal Building Connected Communities study (1) finds that 100% of Malaysian women who achieve economic inclusion share their success by uplifting other women in B40 and rural areas. For 1,015 female sellers surveyed on the marketplace this Ramadan period: two-thirds hire single, rural, or impoverished women, or source directly from women-owned suppliers; a third facilitate networking opportunities and training programs. These findings demonstrate that Malaysian women in the digital economy are not only supporting household dependents during peak Ramadan e-commerce sales (2) , but are a driving force in giving back by lowering barriers to entry, widening access to customers, and providing more flexibility in time management to other women like themselves.  When asked ”How has Shopee opened up new opportunities for women sellers like yourself?” – eight in ten respondents value the benefits and freedom of starting an online storefront easily with minimal invest

New Generation of Malaysians Shop Value-Based Online

New generations of Malaysians are shopping with purpose online — Shopee’s marketplace data shows online consumers are three times more likely to buy products that promote smarter consumption in 2023 than in 2020. Malaysians are increasingly searching for keywords such as ‘pre-loved’, ‘pre-owned’, ‘warehouse clearance’, ‘demo unit’ and ‘thrift’ over ‘new’. Over the last three years, Shopee marketplace saw consumers putting value-based shopping into practice with a total 1.4 million items sold that were demo units, warehouse clearance items with minor defects, bundled goods, and also pre-owned products. 50% of these were FMCG categories Baby and Toys, Groceries and Pets, and Health and Beauty , 27% pre-owned fashion, 17% lifestyle items (Home and Living, Outdoor Sports, Hobbies, Games and Books) and the remainder used Electronics. Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia, said, “Value-based shopping is clearly the future. Generation Z shoppers on our marketplace are telling