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MGTC & Shopee’s "Jom Beli Produk Hijau" Campaign Sees Malaysians Embrace Sustainable Shopping

  The "Jom Beli Produk Hijau" campaign, a collaboration between the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) and Shopee, successfully promoted sustainable shopping habits among Malaysians. Running for four months from September to December 2023, the campaign aimed to encourage eco-conscious consumption and promote sustainability in Malaysia's marketplace.

Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer Humanises Deal-hunting for Malaysians

Shopee Affiliate Livestreamer Celeste Phuah simplifies the shopping journey for approximately 36,000 rural Malaysians seeking convenience online every day . Over the past six months, she facilitated the redemption of over six million discount vouchers across the platform. Through her educational Shopee Live sessions, Celeste humanises e-commerce, explaining the intricacies of platform and store vouchers to empower users.