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Shop and Save Even More This Holidays With ShopeePay Day

    Nothing beats the feeling of getting a good deal especially during festive shopping. To help you get the best offers and greater savings, ShopeePay Day which happens on the first day of every month is back just in time for the Hari Raya celebrations. Whether shopping from the comfort of your own home or making payments with ShopeePay at physical stores using the integrated DuitNow QR at over 1.1 million outlets in Malaysia; you are guaranteed to earn a variety of rewards and a chance to participate in high-value giveaways through contests.

Use ShopeePay at Domino's to earn more benefits

  Domino’s Pizza Now Accepting Payments Nationwide Via ShopeePay  The latest partnership between Domino’s Pizza and ShopeePay brings great news for all lovers of the popular pizza brand. Users can now add ShopeePay to their payment option when checking out at all Domino’s outlets nationwide or when making purchases online. Payments via ShopeePay can be made using the e-wallet option on the mobile phone app as well as using ShopeePay vouchers. 

Ovleng Gaming OV-P40 headphones

     Although I already brought a headset 2 weeks ago, but that headphone has no mic. (If you heaven't check out my last post click her-----> HERE )So it is very inconvenience for me to speak during my online classes. Therefore, my father surprise me with a new headset with a mic on it. When I tried out the new one it is far more better than my older one. The price for this headset is about Rm40-59 from what I found on Google. Personally, I like this headset more than the last one. I can list here a few reasons why I said that.

Acer Aspire A514-54 Laptop Review

  My mother has been using her old PC for at least 14+ years already. It is shocking how long the PC has lasted. But even the longer a device is the weaker it gets. So it broke down in the past few days and my mom really needs to get a new one. So she has decided to buy an Acer Aspire A514-54 . The price of the computer is RM3100. Which I think its a little worth it. Let me explain to you why later.

Sony MDR-ZX110 headphones

My old headphone has stopped working recently, so its about time I brough a new one. This new SONY MDR-ZX100 is brough from Shopee. Click the link HERE to check out the price of the headphone. The package arrived today without any damage. .