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Tiger family Malaysia's Tiger Max 2.0 Ergonomic School Bag Review

A backpack  has played a very important role in our daily life. It helps us to carry the things we need with just an ease. It saves us time and also our strength to carry stuffs from one place to another. All you need to do is to carry the backpack behind our back and we are free to go anywhere with it. But do you know that sometimes carrying too much stuff in your bag or the bag strap does not have air care can cause you to have back problems? A lot of people does not take this as a serious problem and most of them ended up with a hump back. So now I have brought this new backpack called Tiger Max 2.0 . I found this bag has more pros than cons and i will tell you why. One of the main reason why this bag is so good is because it has viewed as an " Ergonomic Product ". Ergonomic product means that the product has applied scientific knowledge to the designing and arranging the product so that people can interact the product with most efficiently and safely .  This bag uses a

Shopee Express Stays Committed to Timely Deliveries Despite Unpredictable Weather

Shopee Express has overcome unpredictable weather conditions, especially in flood-prone areas, to ensure that essential deliveries are made on time. Despite the challenges posed by the weather in several locations such as Kuantan, Muadzam, and Rompin in Pahang as well as Johor Jaya, Kota Tinggi, Mersing, Muar, Segamat, and Yong Peng in Johor, Shopee Express remains committed to providing fast and reliable delivery services to communities in Malaysia. The unpredictable weather in Malaysia posed significant challenges to businesses operating in the country, particularly those in the logistics and delivery sectors. In such cases, Shopee Express adapted quickly to ensure that unfavourable weather conditions do not impact couriers and deliveries in such scenarios. These measures enable them to deliver orders on schedule while maintaining a high level of safety, care, and precision.  While rescheduling may be necessary in some instances due to local authorities closing off specific routes du

Once Upon A Longtang Exhibition @ National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Today, my family and I went to the National Art Gallery in Malaysia to take a look at "Once Upon A Longtang(弄堂)" while admire some creative and beautiful arts there. 

KL Bird Park

  Last week, my family and I went to KL bird park to see different species of birds soaring across the sky. Kl Bird park is home to more than 3,000 local and foreign birds of approximately 200 different species. The Park is open daily from 9.00am to 5.30pm including Public Holidays and School Holidays.