Sony MDR-ZX110 headphones

SONY MDR-ZX100 Headphone Review

My old headphone has stopped working recently, so its about time I brough a new one. This new SONY MDR-ZX100 is brough from Shopee. Click the link HERE to check out the price of the headphone. The package arrived today without any damage.



This headphone is a budget headphone. Although it doesn't has a mic on it ,but the sound projected by the headphone are very high quality. This headphone uses a L-shaped gold-plated stereo mini plug to help you plug in easily. Not only that this headphone also has a long cable length which is approximately 1.2M. That means it can be pulled quite a long length.

SONY MDR-ZX100 Headphone Review

It may look nothing much but don't let its plain and simple look fool you. This headphone has a quick folding style function. Therefore, you can quickly put it in your bag when your in a hurry and it wont cost you much space in the bag. It can also be carry everywhere easily. Besides that, as u can see in the first picture, it also gives you a free 1 year warranty which i think its a very good deal if you ask me.

SONY MDR-ZX100 Headphone Review

As a simple conclusion, I would recommend this headphone to those who wants to buy a budget headphone.  This simple headphone may not look much but its really worth it.


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