MGTC & Shopee’s "Jom Beli Produk Hijau" Campaign Sees Malaysians Embrace Sustainable Shopping

 The "Jom Beli Produk Hijau" campaign, a collaboration between the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) and Shopee, successfully promoted sustainable shopping habits among Malaysians. Running for four months from September to December 2023, the campaign aimed to encourage eco-conscious consumption and promote sustainability in Malaysia's marketplace.

The campaign achieved 100% voucher utilisation of RM60,000 on MyHIJAU-tagged products, a green product recognition scheme endorsed by the government. This accomplishment demonstrates a strong commitment from Malaysian consumers to support local sustainable products and indicates a significant shift towards environmentally friendly purchasing habits.  

A total of 1,195 local sellers participated, listing over 3,600 green products. Paper products emerged as the top-performing category, accounting for 73% of total sales. Paint closely followed, representing 17% of total sales, while cleaning products accounted for 9%. The remaining sales were attributed to Biomass Packaging and Kitchenware categories, showcasing the diverse array of sustainable options available to consumers.

Homegrown brands such as PaperOne, Readycare, and Bina Paint were among the top sellers, resonating with Malaysian consumers due to their commitment to environmental stewardship and the quality of their sustainable products, further driving the success of the 'Jom Beli Produk Hijau' campaign.

These trends align with the findings from the "Shop Green with Shopee" study in 2022, which revealed that Malaysian consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable products. The study showed a threefold increase in the preference for products promoting smarter consumption compared to previous years. Additionally, keyword searches on the Shopee platform reflected a growing interest in terms like 'pre-loved,' 'pre-owned,' 'warehouse clearance,' 'demo unit,' and 'thrift,' indicating a shift towards more sustainable purchasing behaviors among consumers.

Ir. Ts. Shamsul Bahar Bin Mohd Nor, Group Chief Executive Officer of MGTC, enthusiastically shared the success of the 'Jom Beli Produk Hijau' initiative, “The campaign has not only showcased the collective commitment towards sustainability in Malaysia but has also underscored the growing demand for green products. The positive response from consumers reflects the growing awareness of the profound impact of our everyday decisions on the health of our planet. The partnership with Shopee provided the initiative leverage in the digital landscape to reach a broader audience. It also allows us to demonstrate our goal of making green products accessible to the masses, and the overwhelming support demonstrates that the demand for eco-friendly alternatives is indeed present."

Shopee, as the leading e-commerce platform in Malaysia, played a pivotal role in connecting buyers with local sustainable products. Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia, commented, 'We are proud to have been part of the 'Jom Beli Produk Hijau' campaign, which has not only raised awareness about eco-conscious consumption but also supported local businesses committed to sustainability. This campaign reflects our ongoing commitment to driving positive change in the marketplace.”

The campaign underscores stakeholders' efforts to promote sustainability in Malaysia. Shopee remains dedicated to fostering eco-conscious consumption and supporting local sustainable businesses. The Jom Beli Produk Hijau Closing Ceremony was held on 22 February 2024 at MGTC HQ with Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability, YB Tuan Nik Nazmi Bin Nik Ahmad, officiating the event.


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