Ovleng Gaming OV-P40 headphones

     Although I already brought a headset 2 weeks ago, but that headphone has no mic. (If you heaven't check out my last post click her-----> HERE)So it is very inconvenience for me to speak during my online classes. Therefore, my father surprise me with a new headset with a mic on it. When I tried out the new one it is far more better than my older one. The price for this headset is about Rm40-59 from what I found on Google. Personally, I like this headset more than the last one. I can list here a few reasons why I said that.

One of the reasons is of course the mic. This isn't like any other mic on the other's headsets. This mic has a 120 degree rotation. This has been very beneficial for me since I always love to listen to music when I do my home works from school. Therefore, it wont bother me when I lower my head and write. Not only that but the frequency of this mic is around 50-1600 Hertz, if you do not know the human hearing range is around 20-20,000 Hertz. Which means that you need to raise your voice when speaking to the mic. Further more, you can also close and open your mic with a switch along with controlling the volume of your headphone. I really love this function because it can prevent my voice leaking out when I accidentally open the mic icon during online classes or meetings.

A part from the mic, the headphones on the headset are also very impressive. The headphones are just like my last one .When I'm watching Youtube or listening to Spotify, I can listen to the sound clearly. The headphone uses a 3.5mm Connector Plug. This plug can be plug into anything. To elucidate further, it can be plug into mobile phones, laptops, desktops and any other device with a 3.5mm jack. Into the bargain,  there is also a Skin-friendly Earmuffs around the headphones. Believe me , these earmuffs are super comfortable to wear. Another good thing about these earmuff is that i can prevent sound from entering or exiting. Therefore, we can enjoy our music to the maximum amount without any interruption. The down side is that, we cant hear anything from outside, if there an emergency we cant hear people calling our name.

As a conclusion, this headset has its pros and cons. But in my opinion I really like this headset since it really suits me as a gamer and a student. Desperate it is made in China but it is really well made. The quality and design of this headset are above average. The headset also have 3 different colours to choose from which are BK+RD, black and BK+BU(Mine).


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