Gaintech GT-570EX Scientific Calculator for SPM until University


As a high schooler that is currently taking modern math and add math , it is a must to have a scientific calculator. A scientific calculator is very different from a normal calculator. Let me tell you why. A scientific calculator can calculate equation. For instance general form, which is a form that is use to solve graphs. My calculator is already spoiled after a few years of its use, So I went down to the stationary store near my place and picked up a new one. This calculator is far different from my old one. The uncle from the store told me that the calculator was the latest model and the price was also reasonable which is RM65. So without any hesitation I brought the calculator and I didn't regret a bit.


This calculator was made in China but with Malaysia's company name----Gaintech Marketing. After using the calculator a few times, the calculator was like any other calculator. But what make this calculator special from any other calculator is that it has an undo button. All you need to do is to press Shift+ DEL and the number you just deleted will just appear back. To be honest I think this function is quite useless for me now but who knows maybe it will be useful in the future. Beside that function, there is also another function which is useful for me and my personal favourite. When you are finding the roots for the function of a equation it will also give you the minimum point and the maximum point of the equation. 

This calculator also have another 552 function. Therefore this calculator can be used from middle school to University from what I had been told by the store uncle. This calculator even though its a not that popular branded but as long as it works perfectly fine, you wont have any problem with scoring an A in math. To compare this with the same series but Casio, this calculator work exactly like it but more expensive. Nevertheless, when you press the MODE button it will show both image of calculation which included Table, Equation/Function and Linear Inequality.

To sum it all up, this Gaintech GT-570EX  Scientific Calculator a part from its function it is the same like any other scientific calculator is just that it have a nice texture and colour. In my opinion, this calculator is very good since it has a lot of function and you can use it from middle school to university. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is reading my blog.



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