EZVIZ C6CN 720P HD Internet PT Security Camera (CCTV) Review


    Due to the rising cases of stolen in my area, I myself also lost 2 pairs of my favorite shoes. This makes me wonder who was the one stolen my shoes. Was the same or different person? Therefore, as a simple conclusion to solve this problem my father had decided to bought this EZVIZ C6CN 720P HD Internet PT Security Camera and install it outside my house. This security camera is extremely good and perfect. My father bought this security camera for Rm267 but on Shopee its only Rm 104.There are a lot of functions in this security camera.


EZVIZ C6CN 720P HD Internet PT Security Camera (CCTV) Review

    Before we go into the function, we must first install the app of the security camera. The name of the app is called EZVIZ in the App Store or the Google Play store. After that, we must Create, and register an EZVIZ user account by following the start up wizard. Then, we can click on the "+" symbol to add your security camera. Lastly we must scan the OR Code below the camera and follow the EZVIZ app wizard to finish the Wi-Fi configuration.

EZVIZ C6CN 720P HD Internet PT Security Camera (CCTV) Review

    One of the function is that this security camera has a smart motion tracking function. This function allow the camera to track the moment of people, which make it a lot more easier to spot the thief. A part from that, this camera also has a night vision function. This allows the camera to visualize the video to us clearly during the night where most thief would be active. When this 2 functions are combined together, it really make the security camera invincible. This is due to it can let us see the movement of thief during the night as well as their faces. When the motion tracking sensor detected some movements around the area, it will automatically send you a notification in your app, notifying you that  someone is moving in that area.

EZVIZ C6CN 720P HD Internet PT Security Camera (CCTV) Review

     Besides from those 2 functions, there is also a Two-way Talk  with 16ft(5M) mic pickup. This function allows us to  listen to the commotion around us.  Therefore, we can  hear the commotion around us when opening the app. Maybe you may listen overhear your friends or family talking about you.  

    Next, this security camera have a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. This allows the security camera to connect to our Wi-Fi.  Thus, the video in the app will be very smooth and no lag at all! Even the smallest movement can be seen.

     Lastly, this security camera also has a MicroSD Slot for local Storage (Storage up to 128GB).  This function allows the camera to store the footage of recorded video of our house in the app. So, you can always watch back the recorded video of the security camera in the app when you are away from home.

   Having a security camera around your house can have a lot of advantages likewise . This allows us to keep track the thing happens in our house when we aren't around at home. When your are busy at work and worry about things that are happening at your home, you can just open the EZVIZ app and see what is happening around the house to ease your tension of worriedness. 

    As a simple conclusion, this security camera  really helps me a lot by looking after my valuable and my shoes. Even though I still found out who took my shoes but this security camera reduce the risk of me losing my shoes again. I think this security camera is reasonable in Shopee  since it come with a fair price and many functions. I would recommend this to those who are not always at home.


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