Once Upon A Longtang Exhibition @ National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Balai Seni Negara (National Art Malaysia)

Today, my family and I went to the National Art Gallery in Malaysia to take a look at "Once Upon A Longtang(弄堂)" while admire some creative and beautiful arts there. 

Once upon a Longtang

"Once Upon A Longtang" was created by Red Hong Yi. The artist painted all of her arts there on a piece of big calligraphy paper  and use a blow torch gun to leave a red, burnt and blackened residue on it.  

They built a street/alleyway  pathway with bamboo sticks which the paintings was hanged on to the paintings was hanged on to. When you walk into it, you can feel like you are in Longtang ( a alleyway that is located in Shanghai)

Art in Once Upon A LongtangArt in Once Upon A Longtang

Story of Once Upon in Longtang

Once upon A Longtang

The arts she created are based on her life story when she is living in Longtang. She was living there along with her grandaunt and granduncle. It was noisy, messy and intimate at Longtang. You can heard people gossiping about their kids. You can also see residents selling second-hand item or vegetables. The environment there was like very much village-like but Longtang are quickly fading due to modernity. Therefore, the artist would like to recreate her memories of living there.

Overall, even though "Once Upon A Longtang" is short but the story was truly a golden experience. The art she created was truly amazing and beautiful. A part from this, there are still many other arts created by many other creative artists in the National Art gallery for you to enjoy . I personally don't like art that much but I really enjoy the art gallery. What are you waiting for? The nostalgic exhibition ends on 22 March 2023.


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