Tiger family Malaysia's Tiger Max 2.0 Ergonomic School Bag Review

Tiger Max 2.0 backpack

A backpack  has played a very important role in our daily life. It helps us to carry the things we need with just an ease. It saves us time and also our strength to carry stuffs from one place to another. All you need to do is to carry the backpack behind our back and we are free to go anywhere with it. But do you know that sometimes carrying too much stuff in your bag or the bag strap does not have air care can cause you to have back problems? A lot of people does not take this as a serious problem and most of them ended up with a hump back. So now I have brought this new backpack called Tiger Max 2.0 . I found this bag has more pros than cons and i will tell you why.

Tiger Max 2.0 backpack

One of the main reason why this bag is so good is because it has viewed as an " Ergonomic Product". Ergonomic product means that the product has applied scientific knowledge to the designing and arranging the product so that people can interact the product with most efficiently and safely

This bag uses a "Ergo Air Care" back system. The function of this system is to even the weight distribution. The structure of the backpack is also structured for optimum packing meaning that all of the heavy weight is centralize close to the body .  If you have a hump back, wearing this backpack and straighten your back if you wear it right. 

Tiger Max 2.0 backpack

Another thing about this bag is that , there is a reflective side on the straps and also the back of the bag. Therefore, when you are venturing through the dark, drivers can see you when they are driving since it can reflect light back to the driver's eyes to prevent you from being in an accident.

Tiger Max 2.0 backpack

The outside of the bag is also made out of sustainable fabric that are regenerated from old and used plastic bottles. So when you touch the outside of the bag the cloth of the bag is you can feel it is a little bit little hard  than other bags. 

A part from the outside of the bag, The inside of the bag is also very wide. There are so many pockets and compartments for you to fill or organized your stuffs. I mostly use this bag as a school bag but this bag can also be used as a travelling bag since it can filled in a lot of things.  

One of the few cons about this bag is that , this bag is a a little bit pricy and the bag took up some space. But overall I'm very satisfied with the quality of this bag and I would recommend everyone to buy this amazing bag. This bag is also suitable for all ages and a lot of designs to choose from.


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