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Last week, my family and I went to KL bird park to see different species of birds soaring across the sky. Kl Bird park is home to more than 3,000 local and foreign birds of approximately 200 different species. The Park is open daily from 9.00am to 5.30pm including Public Holidays and School Holidays.

price of ticket for Kl Bird park

When we arrived at the bird park , the park was less crowded than we thought . There were only a few families there buying tickets. The ticket for one adult with a MyKad is Rm35 while those without one is RM75. For children with a MyKad is Rm 15 and for those without one is Rm 50. You can either purchase the tickets online or you can buy it at the counter once you got there. Even though the price is a little bit pricy but the park was amazing. There are some rare birds there for instance: the hornbill. Did you know hornbills are endangered due to the illegal trading to feeds a demand for luxury items like jewellery and decorations?

Map of KL brid park

There are 4 different zones in this bird park. Each zone has its own terrain for the birds to live. 

picture of me with a peacock

The terrain in Zone 1 is like a dry and tropical habitat which is very suitable for peacock. This is why when you walk along Zone 1 you can see some peacocks walking around. If you are lucky enough they might open their feather for you. 

flamingos zone 2 kl bird park

In Zone 2 , its like a tropical area for flamingos and some other tropical birds to live in. They are located at the flamingo pond. You can watch the flamingos at the Flamingo Kloak while enjoying some drinks they sell there.

Hornbill park, Zone 3

In Zone 3 is a Savanna terrain is where the hornbill live. 

Crane Kl bird park zone 4

Last but not least is Zone 4, the largest terrain in the park.  Zone 4 is the rainforest/tropical forest terrain. This terrain is where most of the  bird live like parrot and cranes. There is also a Amphitheater beside the Children's playground.  

bird show KL bird park

There are some shows at the Amphitheater for you to watch at 12.30 pm & 3.30 pm.  There are also more activities there for you join or watch. I will share the agenda at the end on this Blog.


In zone 4, you may also come across with this ostrich like creature. This ostrich like creature happens to be a Emu. It has the same characteristic of an ostrich which means that it cant fly even though it is a bird. 

Did you know there is a war between human and Emus? 
The war is called the Emu war which happen in Australia between November 2, 1932 to December 10, 1932. this war happen because of the emus eating the crop of the farmers causing them to have nothing to eat or sell. So the farmers issued a complaint to the authorities and the authorities decide to delay war upon the emus. But in the end, the emus won the war because of how fast and many they are. 

Feeding emu at kl bird park

To sum it all up, a trip to the bird park was a blast. You can learn a lot of things about bird in this park. I would recommend people who are interested in birds or people who want to have a trip with their family and friends to visit this beautiful park. 

time table for events at kl bird park



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