Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus Review: Is Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ worth to buy???

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus Review:  Is Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ worth to buy?
As time goes on, technology is getting more and more advanced. As a result, people would often think of the specification of their gadgets before buying them to ensure that the gadgets has good qualities and can be use long termed. Today, I will be sharing my personal experience and review about the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ from a students perspective.

Samsung S9 FE+ Specs


Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus Review:  Is Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ worth to buy?

Screen's Size (12.4 inches, 31.5 cm)

First and Foremost, is about the specifications of the Tab. As you can see from the picture above. The screen of the tab is big and is equipped with safety feature to ensure that the eye is not heavily damage.

This can make your eyes feel comfortable when looking at the screen but too much screen time may cause some little side effect like dry eye. As a result, users must control their screen time.

Battery ----(10,090 mAh, roughly 13 hours life span)
The battery of the tab can also use for long period of time. From my experience the tab can last for 4-8 hours of screen time if the applications does not use too much graphic or CPU. From this users do need to constantly use the charger all the time. In terms of gaming, this tab is not that suitable for games that use too much graphic as it may cause it to heat up and drain battery. Moreover, the tab may lag if the game has too much Fps. However, for game like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and even chess, it would be fun to play in the tab as it has a bigger screen and the resolution of the game can be seen clearly.

Storage (265GB for FE+ Only)
On top of that, after buying this tab it made my life much more easier. As a person who doesn't like to organize or very forgetful, the notes done can be saved in the tab. If you are worried about insufficient storage, the tab has 265Gb of internal storage to use. Furthermore, users can also link their google drive storage to the tab to have even more storage. So rest assured, the storage in the tab is sufficient. Users can use this to keep important file for instance homework, notes and many more. Therefore, users do not need to worry about forgetting where they have misplace their stuff or have lost them.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

    This tab can also be transformed into PC if you buy a wireless Bluetooth keyboard . With this users can carry it around easily and i would take took much space in your backpack.

Samsung S Pen

Personal View

After that, I will be sharing my personal feeling about the tab. Overall I think that the tab works very well for people who like Mathematics or people who likes to draw. The tab has its own pen called S Pen. If the pen is lost, users can reach out to customers service to buy a new one. this S Pen allow users to freely draw on the Samsung application called " Notes" which allows users to write short notes. Users can also use this application to draw. For me, I personally use this application to make some notes for some of my subjects. this application is much useful and is only available in Samsung phones. A part from that, I use this S Pen to do some math equation using the app. This can help me to save some paper indirectly saving the environment. Not only that, I can keep on trying an error for my math question until i get it correct without worrying about using too much paper for a particular question. In my opinion, I think that this is a very good way to save some money for paper.

Why you need a tablet for your studying?

In the nutshell, this tab has brought many benefits to me though out my life of studying. I use it to do many of my work and it saves me a lot of time and money as I am not using paper. To me , this tab has more function still to be explored. I would recommend students especially high-schooler or university student to buy this tab as it would made your life more easy. For those who like to watch Youtube or Nextlix, I would suggest you to considered buying this tab likewise as the screen is much more bigger and your eye would not get tired sore for watching a 1-2 hours movie. This tab cost about RM6000+, people should think about it wisely when buying it as if you not like writing or drawing, you would regret making buying it. As a result , one must think before they act.

Overall, this is the end of my review here. If you like to read my blog do please check out more of my other review blogs. :)


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